I enjoy creating. I think each person has the potential to create original works, different from every other human on the planet. Making art is functional for me, creating a problem and then trying to solve it.

            Non Representational art means I have to create something interesting out of nothing, without context, using the pure elements of color, line, shape, form, space, texture and value to portray a dynamic piece to build a connection with the viewer.

            I have fond memories of creating when I was a child and started a formal education in community college where I had some memorable professors whose lessons still inspire my style today. I graduated San Jose State University with a BA in Art studying any art form I could, including weaving, glass blowing, ceramics, paper making and lithography.

            I use ink and acrylic in a watercolor style. Depending on the texture of the support my work has two methods; on a fine grain paper I start with ink and line drawing producing a very tight and precise piece. When working on canvas or wooden panel I start with a wet on wet technique creating a more loose and flowing effect. Round supports are my haven, bringing a certain harmony and clarity to my work.